Robert's Canadian Attestation papers can be found on the Canadian National Archives site.  His regimental number was 420788, and he was born on 13th April, 1891.

1901 Census

20, Cairnleith Street, Alyth, Perthshire

John Shaw, head, 50, grocer's vanman, b. Auchtergaven, Perthshire

Catherine Shaw, wife, 44, b. Rattray, Perthshire

Sarah Ann Shaw, daughter, 26, servant domestic, b. England

Alexander Shaw, son, 25, apprentice baker, b. England

John Shaw, son, 16, apprentice joiner, b. Mossend, Lanarkshire

Peter Shaw, son, 15, apprentice baker, b. Mossend

William Shaw, son, 13, scholar, b. Mossend

Jessie Shaw, daughter, 11, scholar, b. Mossend

Robert Shaw, son, 9, scholar, b. Mossend

Christina Shaw, daughter, 8, scholar, b. Mossend

1891 Census

Cale Buildings, Bellshill, Lanarkshire

John Shaw, head, 40, railway goods guard, b. Bankfoot, Perthshire

Catherine Shaw, wife, 34, b. Rattray

Sarah Ann Shaw, daughter, 16, message girl, b. Farrington, Lanarkshire

Alexander Shaw, son, 15, message boy, b. Farrington

John Shaw, son, 6, scholar, b. Bellshill

Peter Shaw, son, 5, scholar, b. Bellshill

William Shaw, son, 3, b. Bellshill

Jessie Shaw, daughter, 1, b. Bellshill

1881 Census

Kelvin, Glasgow Barony, Lanarkshire (there appears to be no address - Kelvin is a Registration District)

Alexander Shaw, head, 32, Engineman electric light, b. Bankfoot, Perthshire

John Shaw, brother, 30, railway breaksman, b. Bankfoot

Jessie Shaw, sister, 27, b. Bankfoot

James Shaw, brother, 20, house carpenter, b. Alyth

Jane Shaw, Niece, 8, scholar, b. England

Sarah Shaw, niece, 6, b. England


I think Catherine must have been John's second wife.  I can find no trace of a Catherine Shaw prior to 1891 census.  In 1881 there was a Catherine Petrie, from Blairgowrie, living at Camperdown Street,  Monifieth, Angus.  She is 24, and a cook for James K Prain, Comision Agent.

There is a John Shaw, born Scotland, in the 1871census for England.  He is a Coachman domestic servant.  On the page above him, and the previous page, there aer a lot of servants.  Did they all work for Stephen B Guion, merchant and ship owner, b. New York, and living at Crompton Lane, Wavertree, Lancashire?  On the census John Shaw is listed as being unmarried and living in Green Lane.  Also in Green Lane is a  Cotton Broker, Joseph B Morgan.  

John was unmarried, but there were a lot of female servants in the area for him to choose a wife from.

It seems that Wavertree is in Liverpool.  There were the following marriages in the area between 1871 and 

John Shaw to either an Elizabeth Barnes or an Elizabeth Griffiths, June quarter 1871.

John Shaw to either Elizabeth Richardson or Mary Jane L Turnbull, September  quarter 1872

John Hankin Shaw to either Isabella Chambers or Sarah Flenery, March quarter 1873

 John Shaw to either Matila Long or Eliza Nicholson, March quarter 1874

Given that Jane was born in 1873, I think the marriage might have been one of the first two options, and, given naming traditions, was most probably Mary Jane L. Turnbull

There is a death of a Mary Jane Shaw in Liverpool, aged 33, September quarter, 1880.

In Alyth Graveyard


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