Name :-   Phillips, Arthur Cornwallis

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   20

Rank :-   Second Lieutenant

Number :-  

Medal :-

Service :-   Army

Regiment / ship :-  4th Bn., attd. 1st Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Date of death :-   22nd May 1917

Cemetery / Memorial :-  Sunken Road Cemetery, Boisleux-St. Marc, France

Area of cemetery / memorial :-   I.A.7.

Family information :-   Son of Rosamond J. M. Laing (formally Phillips), of Dunairds, Dunkeld, Perthshire and the late Herbert Arthur Phillips

Extra information :-  On Caputh War Memorial

1901 Census

18, Queens Gardens. Paddington, London

Herbert A Phillips, head, 40, civil engineer, b. Madras, India

Rosamund J M Phillips, wife, 28, b. Scotland

Arthur C Phillips, son, 4, b. London, Paddington

Gerald L Phillips, son, 3, b. London, paddington

Annie Craig, servant, 37, cook domestic, b. Scotland

Maggie Robertson, servant, 26, parlormaid domestic, b. Scotland

Jeannie Dunn, servant, 29, housemaid domestic, b. Scotland

Alice M Standen, servant, 35, nurse domestic, b. Sussex, Robertsbridge

Ethel Harrison, servant, 18, nursemaid domestic, b. Scotland


I think this was Rosamund in the 1881 Census, if so then her father was probably one of the "Jute Barons"

Foggyley, Lochee, Forfarshire

William Cox, head, 67, jute manufacturer, b. Lochee

Elizabeth Cox, wife, 49, b. England

Florence E Cox, daughter, 25, b. Lochee

Albert E Cox, son, 13, scholar, b. Lochee

Annie E Cox, daughter, 11, scholar, b. Lochee

Rosamund J M Cox, daughter, 8, scholar, b. Lochee

Elizabeth Cameron, servant, 35, housemaid, b. Blairgowrie, Perthshire

Jane Chalmers, servant, 23, tablemaid, b. Caputh, Perthshire

Elizabeth B McDonald, servant, 28, cook, b. Thurso, Caithness

Elizabeth S Peters, servant, 45, nurse, b. Panbride, Forfarshire

Catherine Stewart, servant, 36, laundress, b. Caputh

Maggie Stewart, servant, 22, sewing maid, b. Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire


In 1891 Census they are still at Foggley

William Cox, head, 79, jute manufacturer, b. Lochee

Elizabeth Cox, wife, 59, b. England

Annie E Cox, daughter, 21, b. Liff, Forfarshire

Rosamund M Cox, daughter, 18, b. Liff

Elizabeth Cameron, servant, 25, housemaid servant, b. Blairgowrie

Catherine Kinnear, servant, 45, laundry maid, b. Dunichen, Forfarshire

Catherine Lilbum, servant, 23, kitchen maid, b. Kinnaird, Perthshire

Jemima McNab, servant, 27, tablemaid servant, b. Blairgowrie

Isabella McRitchie, servant, 46, cook domestic, b. Liff

Lizzie Swan, servant, 29, sewing maid, b. Kinross, Kinross-shire


In 1891 Census Herbert was at the following address in Kensington, London

5, Stanley Crescent, Kensington, London, England

William C Phillips, head, 68, (something & something Major something H.M. Indian Army, Retired Army Officer, b. Penard, India

Mary B Phillips, wife, 62, b. Madras, India

Thomas M Phillips, daughter (!?!), 34, b. Kurnods, India

Herbert A Phillips, son, 30, civil engineer. b. madras

Florence E Phillips, daughter, 29, b. Madras

Jessie Robins, servant, 26, b. Launceston, Cornwall

Louisa Crate (Carter?), servant, 36, cook, b. Thurton, Suffolk

Harriet E E Doughton, servant, 17, housemaid, b. Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Maria Evans, servant, 25, b. Ribaston Water, Wales

Theresa Hookway, servant, 21, b. Lindridge Walls, Kent

Mary Ockwell, servant, 33, housemaid, cook, b. Chicklade, Wiltshire

Mary A Pearce, servant, 42, housemaid, b. Southgeal, Devon

Sarah Suters, servant, 33, b. Silton, Dorset

Emily Watson, servant, 43, Cook, b. Wendover, Buckinghamshire