Not Traced or Little Known

1939 - 1945


Brodie, Douglas - 2nd Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy.  On Alyth War Memorial, but not in CWGC site. There is a Douglas Scott Brodie, born Coupar Angus in 1918.

Cameron, J. S. - Pilot Officer RAF.  On Blackwater and Glenshee Memorial.

Coutts, John - Private in Black Watch.  On Burrleton War Memorial.  There is no Black Watch soldier on CWGC site, but there is one from the Royal Army Service Corps, whois buried in Perth.  Same man??

Fenton, Thomas - A leading Aircraftsman in the RAF.  On Burrleton war memorial.  Is he T W Fenton who died on 8th March 1942?  On CWGC site.

Ferguson, William Stuart - A WW2 casualty.  Did he serve for Canada?

Ford, Alexander - On Alyth war memorial as being an Able Seaman in the Navy.  The only Alex ander Ford on CWGC site is down as Ordinary Seaman.  Also his parents are listed as being from Muirton.  There are two Muirtons - one in Perth, the other Muirton of Ardblair, Blairgowrie.  Is this the right man?

Forsyth, Francis - New Zealander with Bendochy connections.  Can't trace on CWGC site.

Gilchrist, William - Sergeant in the RAF.  On Kettins War Memorial.

High, T S - on Blackwater & Glenshee memorial.  Can't find on CWGC site.

Logan, William M - I think this is William Mitchell Logan of the Middlesex Regiment, who died on 24th December 1941.  On the CWGC he i listed as the son pf Mr. & Mrs. J. Logan, and husband of Hilda Logan of Hazelrigg, Northumberland.  As yet I have no connection with the Alyth area.

Lucas, A J - Radio Officer in the Merchant Marine.  On Caputh War Memorial.  Not on CWGC site.

Maxwell, G - on Blackwater & Glenshee memorial.  Private in The Black Watch.