Moon, Basil - Came across Basil Moon in the Blairgowrie Advertiser of 5th June, 1915.  Can't trace him in CWGC pages.

Blairgowrie Advertiser 5th June 1915 page 3.

"Mr. Moon of Balholmie's Younger Son Killed"

Second-Lieutenant Basil Moon died 24th May, younger son of Mr. Ernest Moon, K.C. of Balholmie, Cargill, Council to the Speaker of the House of Commons and Mrs. Moon.

Blairgowrie Advertiser 19th June 1915 page8

Here is a tribute to Basil Moon entitled " The Late Second-Lieutenant B.C. Moon; a Brave Soldier".

Balholmie can be found on the A93, just south of Meikleour.

1891 census

46, Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, London

Ernest R. Moon, head, 36, barrister at law, b. Claines, Worcestershire

Emma H. P. Moon, wife, 31, b. New South Wales, Australia

Arthur Moon, son, 8, b. Chelsea

Basil Moon, son, 6, b. Chelsea

William Meyer, butler, 28, b. Norfolk, Baughapton

Elizabeth Martin, cook, 28, b. Brompton, London

Anie Curl, kitchenmaid, 18, b. London, Paddington

Elizabeth McIvor, housemaid, 27, b. Caithness, Walker

Marya Chalmers, housemaid, 19, b. Aberdeen, Scotland

Emily Mills, nurse, 36, b. Finchley, Middx

1901 census

Common Lane, Eton, Buckinghamshire

Basil is down as a pupil, aged 16.


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