Name :-   MacPhee, John

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   24

Rank :-   Private

Number :-  2932758

Medal :-

Service :-   Army

Regiment / ship :-  The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Date of death :-   7th June 1940

Cemetery / Memorial :-   St. Valery-en-Caux Franco-British Cemetry, France

Area of cemetery / memorial :-  A.44   

Family information :-   Son of Andrew MacPhee and Elsie Higgins, Berrydale, Rattray

Extra information :-  John's parents were originally informed that he was missing in 1940.  He was officially declared dead in August 1942.  

Before enlisting in the Camerons in November 1939, he was employed at both Hillbarns and Parkhill farms.  He was one of five brothers who had enlisted in the services.  His father was one of six brothers who had served in World War 1.  Four of them survived, and two had joined up again in World War 2.

Blairgowrie Advertiser 23rd march 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MacPhee, Craigieden Cottage, St. Fink, formally Berrydale, Rattray, have received a letter from the Civil Affairs Department, B.L.A. which states:- " Your name has been traced as the next-of-kin from among effects of Pte. John MacPhee.  I deeply regret to write that he was one of thirty British soldiers who fell in action, fighting against great odds, on 7th June, 1940.  He is buried at the little cemetery of Beaumont Rocquement, a hamlet about 15 miles N.E. of Rouen.  The burial was carried out by the French inhabitants at considerable risk to themselves.  The graves have been kept in the most excellent order, and a religious ceremony has been held regularly twice a year at the cemetery in the commemoration of the dead."