Name:-    MacKenzie, Robert Cecil


Age :-   

5th Baronet of Delvine




Regiment / ship:-  

Date of death:-   
12th April, 1918

Cemetery / Memorial:-

Area of cemetery / memorial :-
Caputh Churchyard, Perthshire

Family information:-
Son of Robert Smythe Muir MacKenzie, 4th Baronet of Delvine who died on 2nd February 1918

1891 Census

Delvine House, Caputh, Perthshire

Sir Alex M MacKenzie, head, 50, proprietor, b. Caputh, Perthshire

Lady Frances MacKenzie, wife, 39, b. Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

Findlay Mcnaughton, servant groom, 16, b. Sterlingshire

Margaret Miller, housemaid domestic servant, 23, b. Kinclaven, Perthshire

Helen Robertson, kitchen maid domestic servant, 23, b. Caputh

Grace Seton, laundry domestic servant, 25, b. Kirkmichael, Perthshire

Horence Coutts Fowlie, visitor, 27, b. British Subject Ceylon

Richard Grant, butler domestic servant, 34, subject Ireland British

John Sutherland, coachman domestic servant, 36, b. Caithness

Jane Blake, cook domestic servant, 43, b. Kinross, Kinrosshire

Jane Stewart, housemaid domestic servant, 53, b. Caputh

Catherine Gillies, lady’s maid domestic servant, 55, b. Ireland

Jessie Robinson, kitchen maid domestic servant, 77, b. Greenock

1901 Census

Marldon House, Marldon, Devon

Robert M Mackenzie, head, 59, retired Lieu. Colonel, b. Scotland

Augusta M Mackenzie, wife, 55, living on own means, b. Scotland

Geraldine M Mackenzie, daughter, 22, student at Cambridge, b. Kent, Woolwich

Robert M Mackenzie, son, 9, b. Marldon, Devon

Ellen Weeks, servant, 55, cook domestic, b. Exmouth, Devon

Amy Weekes, servant, 23, parlour maid domestic, b. Exmouth, Devon

Susan Hills, servant, 19, housemaid domestic, b. Marldon, Devon

Extra information:-

From Burke's peerage ...


SIR ALEXANDER ALWYNE HENRY CHARLES BRINTON MUIR MACKENZIE OF DELVINE, 7TH BT , of Delvine, Co Perth [Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie of Delvine Bt, New House Farm, Lydlinch, Dorset DT10 2JB]; born 8 Dec 1955; ...

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British Army WW1 Medal Rolls Index Cards states that his widow, Brenda Lady Muir-MacKenzie of Cassencarrie, Torquay, Devon.

Also mentioned in the mausoleum are various members of the family. The memorial plaques are pictured below... The first says -

In memory of Robert Smythe Muir Mackenzie, 4th Baronet of Delvine, died 2nd February 1918 and his son Robert Cecil Mackenzie, 5th Baronet of Delvine, killed in action in France 12th April 1918








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