Name :-   Gellatly, David Neill

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   31

Rank :-   Signalman

Number :-  C/JX 214138

Medal :-

Service :-   Royal Navy

Regiment / ship :-  H.M.S. Stronghold

Date of death :-   2nd March 1942

Cemetery / Memorial :-  Chatham Naval Memorial

Area of cemetery / memorial :-   58,3.

Family information :-   Son of Stewart and Jane Neill Gellatly; grandson of David Neill, bandmaster, High Street, Rattray; nephew of Mrs. McLellan, Bright View, Rattray

Extra information :-  Posted as missing and then presumed dead.  H.M.S. Stronghold was attacked and sunk by the Japanese heavy cruiser, 'Maya'

He worked for some time with Robertson, grocer, of High Street, Blairgowrie, and later became a bus driver.  Before joining the Navy he was employed by Colin Christison, Blairgowrie, and Alexander & Sons Ltd., Perth.

He had been reported missing for four years, and was presumed dead in 1946