Name :-   Dowall, Mary O'Neill

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   26

Rank :-   Civilian

Number :-  

Medal :-

Service :-   

Regiment / ship :-  

Date of death :-   9th October 1940

Cemetery / Memorial :-  Shoreditch, London

Area of cemetery / memorial :-   

Family information :-   Sister of Mrs. Norman Hay, Carsie, Blairgowrie.  Her parents were Robert and Agnes Whyte Dowall of Glasgow

Extra information :-  Mary, or 'Scottie' as she was known, was a nurse, and died in an air raid at St. Matthew's Hospital, London (I believe this was a teaching hospital).  She and her sister had spent their  childhood in Rattray.  Only five weeks prior to her death she had spent a short period of time with relatives in Carsie.

'Scottie' was killed when the hospital received a direct hit.  Over 108 elderly patients were feared buried under tons of wreckage.  Doctors, nurses and other staff  battled bravely to rescue the injured while the air raid was still in progress.

I think this is her father in the 1901 census...

Robert Dowal, 8, son, 104 West Graham Street, Glasgow.