Blairgowrie Advertiser 23rd October, 1915 page 8

"Coupar Angus Postmaster's Son Killed"

There is a large article on Wesley Crozier.  It states that he is buried in Banbridge, Ireland

Blairgowrie Advertiser 6th November 1915 page 6

"The Late Lance Corporal Wesley J. Crozier - Coupar Angus"

"Writing to a brother of the above, a friend in the County of London Yeomanry says:- It is with the deepest regret that I have to let you know that Wesley, was wounded on 28th October, about 2 p.m., and died the next day about 10 a.m.  He was working on a sap(?), and just exposed himself for a bit when a sniper's bullet caught him on the stomach.  The doctor happened to be close by, and he was attended to at once.  They kept him under morphine to ease the pain, and we all hoped that he would pull through, but when the critical time came he went under.  We buried him the same night at 10 p.m. at the back of the trenches, and tonight (30th) we will put up a cross to mark the spot.

His death will be deeply regretted by all in the regiment and all his comrades have particularly asked me to convey to you and the family their great sympathy.  We are not a particularly cheery lot on the Peninsula, but Wesley, for some reason or another, was always cheerful.  We have been through some very trying and dangerous times out here, and it is hard luck that he should have been struck down as he was. ---- happened to be near by when Wesley was wounded, and was with him just before he became unconscious and chatted with him for several minutes.  At that time Wesley was quite chatty and hopeful." 

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