James George Constable

There are no details of either James George, or his son, James D. on the CWGC site.

I have traced some details through census records.

1871 Scottish Census

Cally House, Persie (registration district), Blairgowrie, Perthshire

James Co. Constable Esq., head, 40, landowner, b. Dundee, Forfar

Jane Anna Constable, wife, 35, b. Haddington, East Lothian

Robert R Constable, son, 8, scholar, b. St. Andrews, Edinburgh

Agnes Constable, daughter, 7, scholar, b. St. George, Edinburgh

Susan N. V. Constable, daughter, 6, scholar, b. St. Andrews, Edinburgh

Anna Constable, daughter, 4, b. Bendochy, Perthshire

Katherine Constable, daughter, 2, b. Bendochy

James George Constable, son, 1, b. Bendochy

Lizzie Knerton, servant, 22, governess, b. Dales Isales, Pembroke

Wilhelmina Rukavina, servant, 56, ladys nurse, b. St. Cuthbert, Edinburgh

Helen King, servant, 44, head nurse, b. Canongate, Edinburgh

Jessie Lomond, servant, 20, under nurse, b. Moulin, Perthshire

Relevelgran (?!?), female, servant, 22, cook, b. Kirkmichael, Perthshire

Mgt Kemp, servant, 38, housemaid, b. St. Ninians, Stirling

Mgt McIntosh, servant, 23, laundry maid, b. Alyth, Perthshire


1881 Scottish Census

Cally House, Persie (registration district), Blairgowrie, Perthshire

James C. Constable, head, 50. landed propriotor & J.P., b, Dundee

Jane Anna Constable, wife, 45, b. Hadington, East Lothian

Agnes C. Constable, daughter, 17, scholar, b. Edinburgh, Midlothian

Susan M.V. Constable, daughter, 16, scholar, b. Edinburgh

Anna Constable, daughter, 14, scholar, b. Bendochy

Catherine D. Constable, daughter, 12, scholar, b. Bendochy

James G. Constable, son, 11, scholar, b. Bendochy

Walter P. Constable, son, 9, b. Bendochy

Cecil E. Constable, daughter, 8, scholar, b. Bendochy

Isabel W. Constable, daughter, 5, b. Bendochy

Mary S. Constable, 1, b. Bendochy

Helena S. Torrance, servant, 29, governess, b. Airdrie, Lanarkshire

Jessie Fraser, servant, 24, governess, b. Golspie Sutherland

Mary Meldrum, servant, 39, upper nurse, b. St. Andres, Fife

Joanna Rattray, servant, under nurse, 16, b. Moniefieth, Fofarshire

Jane Wilson, servant, 28, cook, b. Midlothian, Edinburgh

Rosina Kennedy, servant, 22, house maid, b. Kinfauns, Perthshire

Josephine Reid, servant, 25, table maid, b. Burtisland, Fife

Christine Petrie, servant, 17, under laundry maid, b. Blairgowrie, Perthshire


1901 English Census

48, Nightingale Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

James G. Constable, head, 31, Captain, The King's Own Royal Lancastrian Regiment and attached army pay department, b. Scotland

Florence Constable, wife, 24, b. Bedford, Bedfordshire

James D. Constable, son,5, b.  Cilta- Veechia, Malta

Marjorie F. E., daughter, 2, b. Portsmouth, Hampshire

Halldis Moller, nursery governess, 19, b. Norway

According to the Births, Marriages & Death web pages, a James George Constable married either Florence Paxton or Florence Gertrude Pullen at Dover, Kent, during the December quarter of 1896