1901 Census

Clifton House, Alyth, Perthshire

John Cleghorn, head, 47, Jarn Merchant (jute), b. Dundee, Forfarshire

Margaret A Cleghorn, wife, 41, b. Alyth

Margaret Cleghorn, daughter, 21, b. Dundee

Elizabeth M Cleghorn, daughter, scholar, b. Dundee

Eva Cleghorn, daughter, 14, scholar, b. Dundee

John S Cleghorn, son, 12, scholar, b. Dundee

Ruth Cleghorn, daughter, 11, scholar, b. Dundee

Herbert S Cleghorn, son, 10, b. Dundee

Alfred M Cleghorn, son, 8, scholar, b. Dundee

Beatrice C S Cleghorn, daughter, 6, scholar, b. Alyth

Christian B M Cleghorn, daughter, 6, scholar, b. Alyth

Allan J Cleghorn, son, 5, b. Alyth


On Alyth Memorial

ALYTH GUARDIAN 7th September 1917
Captain Herbert Stuart Cleghorn, Royal Engineers and Royal Flying Corps (third son of Mr and Mrs John Cleghorn, Clifton), was killed in action on Sunday.
The deceased officer, who was 26 years of age, was home on furlough about a month ago. His youngest brother Lieut. Allan J. Cleghorn, Gordon Highlanders, was killed at the Front exactly a year ago today.
Captain Cleghorn, who joined the Army immediately after the outbreak of hostilities, and has been at the front since January 1916, gained the Baxter Scholarship at Dundee High School, and a B.Sc in engineering at Edinburgh University. His eldest brother is an Engineer Lieutenant-Commander in the Navy, and the other two brothers are Lieutenants in the Royal Engineers.

Confermations & Inventories 1918

Cleghorne, Herbert Stuart, Clifton, Alyth, Capt., R.E. and R.F.C., died 2 September 1917, in France, intestate.  Confirmation granted at Perth, 12 March, to John Cleghorn, Merchant, Clifton aforesaid, executor dative qua father.  Value of Estate, 552. 17s. 3d.

2006 value using average earning is 91,756.44p