Name :-   Burgess, Robert Rattray

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   36

Rank :-   Aircraftman 1st Class

Number :-  994570

Medal :-

Service :-   Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Regiment / ship :-  

Date of death :-   7th January 1945

Cemetery / Memorial :-  Labuan War Cemetery, Malaysia

Area of cemetery / memorial :-   U.A.5.

Family information :-   Son of John Gow and Janet WHittet Rattray Burgess, Blairgowrie; husband of Christina Burgess, of Old Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

B. 21 Oct 1909 at 6.45 am at 67 George Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire. His father John was a railway lorryman. His mother was Jessie Whittet Burgess, nee Rattray. They were married on 5 January 1906 at Clunie, Perthshire. John was present at the birth. It was registered on 9 November 1909.

When John and Jessie married, he was 30, and a parcel carman, living at Croft Cottage, Croft lane, Blairgowrie. His father was George Burgess, shoemaker (deceased), and his mother was Margaret, nee Gow. Jessie was 27, and a domestic servant, living at Cothill in the Parish of Clunie. Her father was Robert Rattray, mason, and her mother, Janet, nee Scott. Witnesses were George Burgess and Maggie S Rattray.

George Burgess died at 11.10am on 8 July 1888 at Glenericht, Blairgowrie aged 40. He was a bootmaker. He died of Angina Pectoris (Angina) of 1 ˝ days. His death was registered on 14 July in Blairgowrie. His brother, Thomas, was present at his death. George’s parents were Michael Burgess, flaxdresser, and Flora , nee Hunter. Both were deceased when George died. George’s sister, Flora Burgess, died in Blairgowrie Cottage Hospital, at 3am on 9 March 1925. She was a retired dressmaker. She had had breast cancer for 5 years. The informant was her nephew, John Burgess, of 44, William Street, Blairgowrie.

Extra information :-  Robert died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Borneo.

1911 census – 67 George Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire

John G Burgess, head, 34, van man (railway), b. Blairgowie, Perthshire

Jessie W Burgess, wife, 31, b. Clunie, Perthshire

 George Burgess, son, 3, b. Blairgowrie

Robert R Burgess, 1, b. Blairgowrie

1901 census – 

3, The Croft, Blairgowrie, Perthshire 

Margaret Burgess, head, widow, 49, housekeeper, b. Clunie, Perthshire

John Burgess, son, 25, railway van man, b. Blairgowrie 

Maggie Burgess, daughter, 19, jute weaver, b. Blairgowrie 

James Burgess, son, 18, painter’s apprentice, b. Blairgowrie

Jessie A Burgess, daughter, 16, jute weaver, b. Blairgowrie

David Burgess, son, 12, message boy, b. Blairgowrie


1891 census – 

69 George Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire

Margaret Burgess, head, 39, widow, shoemaking business, b. Clunie 

Flora H Burgess, daughter, 17, saleswoman, b. Blairgowrie 

John Burgess, son, 15, tow prepman, b. Blairgowrie

George Burgess, son, 12, newspaper boy, b. Blairgowrie

Margaret Burgess, daughter, 9, b. Blairgowrie; James Burgess, son, 8, b. Blairgowrie

Jessie Ann Burgess, daughter, 6, b. Blairgowrie; David Burgess, son, 2, b. Blairgowrie


1881 census – 

16 Mitchell Square, Blairgowrie, Perthshire 

George Burgess, head, 30, shoemaker, b. Blairgowrie 

Margaret Burgess, wife, 29, b. Clunie, Perthshire

Flora Hunter Burgess, daughter, 7, b. Blairgowrie

John Gow Burgess, son, 5, b. Blairgowrie

George Burgess, son, 2, b. Blairgowrie