Name :-   Brodie, William Forbes Petrie

Nationality :-   UK

Age :-   29

Rank :-   Aircraftsman Second Class

Number :-  993595

Medal :-

Service :-   Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Regiment / ship :-  Far East Command

Date of death :-   29th November 1943

Cemetery / Memorial :-   Singapore Memorial, Singapore

Area of cemetery / memorial :-   Column 429

Family information :-   Son of George Brown Brodie and Margaret Gow Petrie. Born 1914. On the marriage certificate, Margaret is down as Margaret Forbes Petrie. They married on 26 June 1902 in New Rattray, Perthshire. George was 26, a carter, living in Jessie Street, Blairgowrie. His father was Alexander Brodie, sawmiller, and his mother was Christina, nee Moncur. Margaret was 22, and a nurse (domestic servant), of New Rattray, daughter of Alexander Petrie, labourer, and Ann, nee Forbes. Witnesses were William Duncan and Isabella Petrie.

Extra information :-  For some time he was a prisoner of war in Japanese hands.  He was on the Japanese cargo ship "Suez Maru" when it was conveying prisoners of war.  It was torpedoed and sunk by the american submarine "USS Bonefish" in the Java Sea.