Blairgowrie’s Sacrifice

1914 -1918

T - Z


Tait, John

Tasker, John T.

Taylor, William Dalrymple

Thom, Alexander

Thomson, Alexander K (Alyth)

Thomson, Charles

Thompson, Edward

Thompson, John Banks

Thomson, John

Thyne, Robert

Tod, James N. (grandson of ex-Provost Tod of Alyth)

Todd, James

Todd, William (Canadian Horse)

Townsley, John

Waddell, David

Wallace, James

Wallace, William

Walsh, Geoffrey Pennell

Walsh, James

Watson, Howard

Watson, Robert

Welsh, Thomas

White, Thomas C

Whitehead, David

Whitelaw, Hoy

Whittet, Harry

Whittet, Thomas

Whitton, George

Whyte, Charles M.

Whyte, William

Wilkie, John

Wilkie, Robert

Wilson, George

Wilson, James

Wilson, James (Caputh)

Wilson, Philip John Conning

Wishart, James A.

Wolsley, George

Wood, Thomas

Woodhouse, R.C.

Wright, John Howe

Young, A.A.

Young, George

Young, Grigor McKenzie

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